Portraits by Leila Ashton


Leila Ashton

Welcome!  I hope you enjoy browsing through the art work.
I love painting portraits, and I would love to help you find “The Joy of a Beautiful Portrait” for yourself, or for someone you love.

Portrait Artist

small boy playing in a stream
child 3 drawings
2 girls in white dresses in a garden

I am a portrait artist, and have been painting portraits for nearly thirty years.  I work from digital photos, most often from photos that I take of the subject during a photography session; but I can also work from high resolution photographs supplied by the client.  For more details see  ‘Process and Prices’  Much of my work has been with children, but I also work with adults, with family groups, or with pets.

Painting a portrait is a delightful process no matter which medium I am working in.  To see the likeness and personality of the subject develop as I work is pure joy for me.  The resulting portrait also brings joy for the client, the  subject and for all who see it.  This is “The Joy of a Beautiful Portrait”.

Portraits Done in Four Different Media

You will notice a great similarity between the various media, in color intensity and in style.  Each, however, has its own distinct assets:

Oil painting
is known for its colors and its durability.  Because oil portraits are usually painted in several layers which must be individually dried, the painting process takes longer.  A thorough drying of the final painting can take several months.  However, because an oil portrait is painted on fine canvas or linen and then varnished, the framed portrait needs no glass.

A pastel portrait
has colors that are just as intense as those of an oil painting.  The main difference is that pastels are soft and easily smudged.  To protect a pastel portrait from damage, it must be matted and framed behind glass.  After careful framing, pastel portraits are extremely durable.  Because of their soft texture, pastel portraits are especially appropriate for children. or for pets.

are lovely for portraits of children as well as adults. The colors, being transparent, allow the white of the paper show through the layers of color. After matting and framing behind glass, watercolors are very durable.  Care must be taken, however, to not display a watercolor painting in direct sunlight for any length of time.

A portrait in pencil
is particularly lovely.  Either graphite, or colored pencil can be used.  Like pastel and watercolor, pencil portraits need to be professionally matted and framed behind glass.