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The Portrait Procedure . . . . .

The portrait procedure is a pleasant process in which I have the pleasure of getting acquainted with you and with the subject, and then of expressing on canvas or paper the personality I find. For me it is a great joy, and I do all I can to bring the joy of a fine portrait to you.

The procedure usually begins with an e-mail or phone call to me to tell me you are interested in a portrait. We discuss your wishes, goals, and ideas about the portrait, and set up a time for a photography session with the subject. This is usually at the client's home, but can be at some other place that has interesting possibilities for setting and background material. It should be a place where the subject feels quite comfortable, so we have a chance to get the pleasant natural expression that makes for a successful portrait. The photo session can last an hour or a bit more. I'll usually take from 100 to 200 frames or more, depending on the complexity of the portrait. Most of my portraits are done from a combination of at least half a dozen photos.

Immediately after the photo session, we quickly review the photos together, noting your preferences.  I then return to the studio and work with the photos, developing several appropriate compositions and suggestions for the portrait, usually with a wide range of options.  If possible, we meet again to select and approve the final composition. Otherwise we can do this by mail. When decisions are completed so work can proceed on the portrait, the cost is adjusted and finalized. The finished portrait should be ready in four to twelve months, depending on the medium and on my work schedule at the time.

Pastel / Watercolor
Oil on Linen
Head and Shoulders
3/4 Figure with Hands
Full-length Figure

Additional Charges
  • Each additional subject—add 50%
  • Travel expenses, framing, and shipping are extra.

A 1/3 deposit is due at the photography session. The balance is due when the finished painting is delivered.